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Request for feedback - tint2 mouse effects

Posting this here since I noticed many Arch users on the tint2 issue tracker. It's a request for feedback for a new feature in tint2.

What does it mean?

When the mouse moves over clickable items (such as task or launcher buttons), the background of the item is changed and/or the icon is tinted.

Is it implemented?

Yes, but only in the development branch. You have to compile tint2 from source. See … rom-source

This should also work:

Is it stable?

Not quite, it is currently under development. If you experience crashes please let me know.

How to configure it?

First, enable mouse effects (they are disabled by default):

mouse_effects = 1

You can configure two more states for each background: hover (mouse over) and pressed (mouse down):

# Background 2: Default task, Iconified task
rounded = 5
border_width = 1
background_color = #777777 0
border_color = #777777 10
background_color_hover = #777777 4
border_color_hover = #cccccc 30
background_color_pressed = #333333 4
border_color_pressed = #777777 30

You can also configure icon tinting for tasks and launchers. This is applied on top of other tinting. For instance this increases the brightness by 10% on hover and decreases it by 10% on mouse press:

mouse_hover_icon_asb = 100 0 10
mouse_pressed_icon_asb = 100 0 -10

Screenshots please! … paque.webm … arent.webm




Is it any good?

You tell me. Your input is appreciated. You can answer here or on

What if I don't want it?

Set mouse_effects = 0. If you suspect the new code still has side effects let me know.


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