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Cleaning up archlinux

I think I've gotten archlinux installed perfectly now.  Got everything configured and starting correctly.   Now my only problem is tidyness, is there a way to clean up unused clutter?  I think I have every development and library package installed, is there an easy way to get rid of stuff I don't need?  Also, do I need to be doing stuff like defrag to keep my system running smoothly?


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Re: Cleaning up archlinux

pacman -R <package> to remove that which you don't want. If it depends on some other package it will warn you. pacman -Sc  (i believe) will remove all the packages in /var/cache/pacman/pkg/ and if you have compiled any packages on your own or rebuild any then the source will have to be removed manually from /var/cache/pacman/src.

defrag? no this is not windows filesystem fragmentation is not common and defragging not really necessary in 6 straight months on my last distro i never had more than 1.2% of my filesystem noncontiguous. the integrity of the filesystem will be checked automatically after a certain number of reboots (rebooting is rare for me and even rarer for lots of other people).

I actually find it funny that you would consider installing so few packages clutter. Try installing libranet some day and you will be awestruck at just how much clutter you are stuck with and how long it takes to get rid of it. whereas with arch you would probably only use about 3/4 of a gig to have everything installed.

but anyway i do understand your point of view so using the pacman commands and reading man pacman should help you clean out what you don't want around. it is quick and painless.

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