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#1 2006-04-25 15:40:21

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ipw2200 and channel 13 - can't set this channel


i have a big problem. when i want to set the channel 13 (frequency 2.472GHz) iwconfig says some like this: "failed to set frequency"
iwlist eth1 f shows me only channels between 1 and 11.
how can i set this channel? isn't this supported by the driver?
plz help me, i need this channel! wink

thx, mfg

sorry for my bad english smile


#2 2006-04-27 03:26:08

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Re: ipw2200 and channel 13 - can't set this channel

Hi there
This might help you with your prob. … devel/6094
It's a little old, but the patch might be a starting point for your own (might also work). Havnt tested.

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