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man date
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Re: Openbox Weather Pipe Menu

jedijimi wrote:

I can not get this to work on my arch. Every step I have follow, but when I hover over menu it gives my error. I have just tried both setups. The y and g version. Still no action. There has to be something I'm missing.

Just tried it.

The script is written in Python 2.x
It works if you change the interpreter to 'python2' at the beginning of the script as well as in the initial command.

This is because there was a package renaming of the python packages meanwhile:
Some years before /usr/bin/python was related to python 2.x and /usr/bin/python3 was related to python 3.x
Meanwhile /usr/bin/python is related to python 3.x and /usr/bin/python2 is related to python 2.x


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Inspector Parrot
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Re: Openbox Weather Pipe Menu

man date wrote:

Some years before...

Like when the comment you were replying to was posted! wink

Please avoid "necrobumping" old threads.  As this is a CC thread and the OP is still active on the forums, I'll resist my urge to put a stake through the thread's heart, a silver bullet in it's head, and set it afire - but just the same, lets try to leave this be unless there is new and relevant information to revive it for.

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