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dual boot partition size suggestions

I'm going to be setting up a XP and Arch system and was looking for some advice. I'll have 160GB of HD (40GB + 120GB) and 1GB of RAM. My plan was to have both OS's and all apps on the 40GB drive and use the other drive for storing everything else, which would be accesible to XP and Arch. How much space should I allocate for Arch and its applications? How big should the swap be?

Maybe someone has a better idea about how I should do things....


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Re: dual boot partition size suggestions

I've got a 74GB drive split up like this:
- 1.5 GB NTFS for Windows 2000 only
- 8.8 GB JFS for Arch
- 1.1 GB swap for Arch (waaaay too much: I have 1GB of RAM so hardly any swap is ever used)
- rest = FAT32 for Windows applications and storage

9GB for Arch is also too much for me: I've got a lot of programs installed and only 3-4GB is in use. All the rest is stuff that should actually be on a storage partition.

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