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#1 2006-05-01 20:12:24

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Enable XGL and DRI on an i915 (Solved)

Can anyone tell me how do I enable XGL and 3d acceleration on a i915 chipset?
I tried the XGL wiki and it didn't worked.


#2 2006-05-01 21:28:17

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Re: Enable XGL and DRI on an i915 (Solved)

I read the forums and the wiki, and I got xgl working on my i915gm laptop. I don't remember exactly what I did right now, I just tought I'd tell you that the information you need is there, it's just a lot of it, and it takes some time to find the useful bits  wink


#3 2006-05-01 23:48:58

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Re: Enable XGL and DRI on an i915 (Solved)

it didn't worked

ok, first, buy a voodoo doll, and tatoo the words XGL into it, it might give you some more useful responses.

Could you please post further details about what didnt worked, what steps you took to set it up, what errors, what happened, logfiles, anything you can find,



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