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[SOLVED] Asus Xonar DG - No sound / Sound only on Front Panel

Just got a Asus Xonar DG card and audio was only coming out from the Front Panel which I tested in Windows and had the same issue. Because it defaults to the Front panel whether you select headphones CMI8788 [Oxygen HD Audio] (CMI8786 (Xonar DG)) or Analog Output - CMI8788 [Oxygen HD Audio] (CMI8786 (Xonar DG)) in the Gnome or pavucontrol for some reason.

1) Install alsamixer and run alsamixer
2) Press F6
3) Select Xonar DG card, press enter
4) Press F3 if [Playback] isn't selected (Whatever is highlighted in the top left in Yellow is the currently selected part of the device)
5) Use the arrow keys to move right until "Analog Output" is selected. Which above it should say "Stereo Headphones FP"
6) Press the up arrow key to select Multichannel
7) Sound should now be coming from the rear channels now
8) Press Esc to quit alsa mixer

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