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#1 2016-09-25 15:01:36

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Would this be necrobumping?

There is a four-months old topic, marked as solved. The OP has found his own solution, but I don't feel it is, i.e. he was trying to disable the DWT option in libinput, and ended up reverting to synaptics. Would it be bad, as a forum conduct, if I replied to the topic posting how to disable DWT in libinput?

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Re: Would this be necrobumping?

That would be fine, we (the mod team) may lock the topic afterwards, particularly if the topic is lengthy, the topic is particularly old, or the user in question hasn't been seen on the forums for a long time (so are unlikely to follow up). From the CoC:

If you have a version-agnostic or corresponding solution, necrobumping can be appropriate.

However, updating the wiki would be more helpful (assuming this information isn't already available there).

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