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[SOLVED][systemd] System hangs on boot after upgrading to systemd 232

There is a different topic about this but for a 32-bit machine.

When installing the update to version 232-x, I am not able to invoke any commands with systemctl or anything systemd related. Even "systemctl reboot" won't work.

I also ran "mkinitcpio -p linux" to get everything update date.


Also the line "Mounting /boot" does not show up every time. I am using UUIDs in my fstab and Root is installed on btrfs.

System runs fine when using systemd 231-4. (Fun fact system will boot without trouble when 231 is installed but the initramfs says it's starting 232).

EDIT #1:
still haven't found a way to upgrade to 232.

EDIT Solution: … 9#p1669249

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