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Why Electronic Board and not mailing list?

I dunno, but wouldn't a mailing list instead of a forum be more appropriate regarding Arch philosophy? Wouldn’t it be more bare-bones, avoiding over engineering, and giving users more control – after all, with a mailing list, everyone is free to sort & display topic as they please, as opposed to an electronic board, where you are limited to the way the forum software displays things.

Similarly, the WIki could be substituted with a git repository of manpages...?


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Re: Why Electronic Board and not mailing list?

There are many mailing lists and IRC channels
The git-instead-of-a-wiki idea has been around for some time too.


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Re: Why Electronic Board and not mailing list?

This feels like trolling but whatever.

A mailing list of that volume would be anarchy unless it was moderated which would be slow. Moderation would be even more of a hell than for a forum. 'Everyone' would only be able to manipulate topics/posts that they have received making it completely useless to new users, unless they use some sort of web archive at which point they'd just be using a shitty form of forum and "limited to the way the [archive] software displays things".

A repo of manpages would be a nightmare of pull requests which would make it also slow. The community creation and moderation that works well now would be minimal with all the delays and hassles a repo would introduce. Community members would have to install a VCS and clone and download repo(s) and make and push commits and make pull requests - yeah, no thanks. All they need now is a web browser they probably already have installed.

Each are currently using the best tool for the job, tools which do one thing and arguably do them well. That is "more appropriate regarding Arch philosophy" in my opinion.


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