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#1 2006-05-20 17:54:50

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Compaq Proliant 1600 Server Install


I'm working on setting up a Compaq Proliant 1600 server. . .I've made a bit of progress thanks to a few posts on the forum.

I've bugged everyone on the irc channel so now its time to ask here  :oops:

Basically, I can't get the Arch install to recognize the scsi drives (2) I've got...

What I've done:

1.  Loaded all the modules (cpqarray etc...)
2.  In '/dev' I did 'mkdir ida'
3.  Next I 'mknod /dev/ida/c0d0p1 b 72 1' <---this should be my swap
4.  Then I 'mknod /dev/ida/c0d0p2 b 72 2' <-----this is my /

Now I'm not sure what to do... sad

Since I've been able to partition the drives the next step seems to be to
set filesystem mountpoints, right?  The Arch install doesn't recognize  the drives at all - It simply says "NONE". 

So, if anyone has any tips or advice I'd appreciate it  big_smile

I'm setting this server up for my school's website - and thought I'd go with Arch. . .




#2 2006-05-21 19:44:13

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Re: Compaq Proliant 1600 Server Install

Ok...I'm still working on getting this thing going...


I tried installing w/ an older version of Arch - 6.0
and after doing a modprobe cpqarray /dev/disc/
was created and thus identified by the installer...



#3 2006-06-01 09:07:21

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Re: Compaq Proliant 1600 Server Install

It's all about loading the right modules. With < 0.7 ISO's you can modprobe cpqarray. Later ISO's don't have cpqarray anymore, they use cciss.

Some threads you'll want to read:
Help no cpqarray modules
Compaq proliant install help

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