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#1 2003-01-24 17:26:54

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i case anyone has been wondering where the heck i have been well i have been spent the last three nights working on building a nice crisp i686 built OpenOffice1.0.2 package. When i left for work today it had been building for about 6 hours. I expect i may have to build it at least one more time or more to get everything right . hopefully i will have it ready in time for next weekend.

anyone wanted to test any end product or wanting to help out with finishing it off is most welcome OO is a very long hard build though the final PKGBUILD will not reflect this.

i will also be starting to devote a part of my time to getting a working i586 compiled version of arch done. work starts this weekend and i hope that by the time of the next release arch will have an official i586 port.

of course i will be continuing to upgrade packages as the releases become available.

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Re: fyi...

i want too test them.......
tell me where too get and i will start trying

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