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Nvidia and 4.11

I've been running on testing with few issues, but I also see from the devs mailing list that the 4.11 kernel and NVidia blobs (not necessarily the open source drivers) may be an issue.

Is this a recommended time to pin kernel updates to 4.10 series only? At least until licensing issues are resolved?


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Re: Nvidia and 4.11

If I've understood it correctly, the 381.22 release of the nvidia drivers should work on the 4.11 series without having to patch the kernel/driver, so you may not need to hold back on linux package updates. … 5570.shtml

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Re: Nvidia and 4.11

It is no longer a major issue see.
I did email Tobias Powalowski a link to that thread 06:01 UTC Saturday 06 May without response.  All three nvidia, nvidia-340xx and nvidia-340xx can work with 4.11 without changing the license.
See also … 28828.html
Should clarify "No longer a major issue only" in that it can built without the nvidia-drm module (driver may not provide any useful functionality but does not use _GPL markings)
or apply … 09840e6b10 which comes with this commit message

Now that kref is using the refcount apis, the _GPL markings are getting
exported to places that it previously wasn't.  Now kref.h is GPLv2
licensed, so any non-GPL code using it better be talking to some
lawyers, but changing api markings isn't considered "nice", so let's fix
this up.

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