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AUR search: `tool like grep' vs `tool%like%grep'

Arch wiki wrote:

e.g. try searching for tool%like%grep instead of tool like grep (at searching the AUR)

The way I understand the wiki section is that `tool%like%grep' is more powerful. With `tool like grep' I get 3 results. With `tool%like%grep' I get none. What am I missing?

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Re: AUR search: `tool like grep' vs `tool%like%grep'

Seems like an outdated entry in Wiki. AUR takes % literally now.

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Re: AUR search: `tool like grep' vs `tool%like%grep'

But the explanation of why it was that way: the wiki says it uses a mySQL LIKE clause in which case "tool like grep" would only match the exact phrase while "tool%like%grep" would match anything with those three words in that order (assuming the query wrapped the user-entered string in another pair of %...%).  In mySQL, the '%' is a flexible-length wildcard.

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