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Powersave Problem


I'm having a strange problem using the current powersaved from unstable and I was wondering if anyone else has this problem. I want to use powersave because of the kpowersave frontend in kde. I have all needed modules loaded (p4_clockmod, cpufreq_userspace, ...) and there are no error messages. The governor and frequencies are all right and everything seems quite normal. ALMOST....  yikes

The problem is that the frequency setting always uses the lowest available freq when there's heavy load on the CPU and uses the highest freq when the CPU doesn't have any work to do. I also have to choose the powersave profile in KPowersave to have the highest freq and the performance option to have the lowest.  :shock:

Is there a chance that the powersave package will be stable in the near future or is there at least some dirty trick to have the dynamic scaling work correct?

I have this problem on several computer with Pentium 4 CPUs. As far as I can see, powersave works flawless on a centrino CPU.

Can anybody help me with this???



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