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[Answered] fluxBB can be configured leaving posts unread?

Browsing the forum for new posts, suddenly a crash while rsync in the background is running results in three reboots and fsck_ffs [ not a linux ] until I can twenty minutes later reload the forum [ say, twice a year...] then 'new posts' and there are none found, where I had a page left to choose from.
So I searched 'today ' 'yesterday' but most found to choose among did not seem the entirety of threads. 
So is there a setting that will have the posts 'unread' til I mark them unread, not just auto marked read if I am logged out by Xorg freezing.
  OR it can be set in the forum admin section by admins only somewhere.

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Re: [Answered] fluxBB can be configured leaving posts unread?

Active will give you three pages (of however many posts per page you set in your profile) of the most recently active threads.

Otherwise, fix your actual issue.

And please edit your post and choose a title that reflects the content of your post: … ow_to_post

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Re: [Answered] fluxBB can be configured leaving posts unread?

No, this is how FluxBB works, deal with it. sad

(And this is hardly issue-specific, other people end up frustrated by this simply because they take too long reading all the threads or whatever... not much we can do about it though.)

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