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Clover page ideas


I installed Arch again yesterday and for the first time 7 moths ago, and I have been enjoying learning about Linux and Unixes in general. I did use the wiki extensively to address many questions and I noticed the Clover page. I would like to contribute expanding it, as I will summarize below, since I have some experience using the Clover bootloader. I've never edited a wiki before and, it appears to me, the arch community has a strict conduct, which I want to respect, so I'm posting this before actually editing or creating a talk page.

I've read … ntributing and I'm familiar with the 3 rules. I still have to learn the formatting though.

I would like to improve the page in the following ways:

Suggest the use of a plist editing program since hand editing the xml is more error prone.
Exchange AddArguments with Arguments, since the AddArguments key will pass to the linux kernel any arguments meant for the MacOs kernel, specified in another place in the plist. Linux safely ignores them though.
Provide an alternative way to configure clover using a GUI of a clover config program. Add a screenshot or two.
Clarify better how to proceed with the code provided, expanding statements like "...add following code to the relevant place."
Mention the obvious to a competent user but maybe not to a newbie that the UUID provided needs to be replaced by the appropriate value.
Add some links to other useful articles.
Add more words and remove some newlines to make the text more fluid and less like a collection of sentences.
Maybe mention that clover supports multiple config files and how this works.
Actually test things in my clover to make sure it is all tidy.

Any thoughts, encouragement,  contact with previous contributors or seasoned wiki editors would be appreciated.

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Re: Clover page ideas

This sounds like a good idea. You could create this page in your namespace and then link to it from the Clover talk page and encourage people to use your page as a working edit, to polish your proposed changes.

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