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LVM striping on raid10


I have a quick question, and I know what my gut tells me is right, but I thought I'd double check first.

I'm building a small server, with mdraid 10 offset, on top of that, I'll manage the volumes in lvm, and the on top of that will be luks, and finally  fs will either be xfs or ext4.

If I use xfs, I know I can set the stripe size to be consistent with my raid10 strip size. The question I have is lvm.

Should lvm be set up in stripe mode, with the one single raid device, or should I use lvm in linear, making sure that the linear partitions are always a whole number multiple of the raid stripe size?

Maybe most simply I should ask, given the above plan, how can I best keep the stripes aligned?

If it matters, this will not be a root fs.

I suppose I could also partition the disks, using raid1 across two half-disks to create two MD raid pools and then stripe across them using lvm. This amounts to a fake raid10 far layout. I'm inclined to do the raiding all in mdraid. But this would circumvent some of the issues.



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