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simple-ssb - a simple Site-Specific Browser application


In 2014, I saw a page on Ice SSB ( which uses the user's browser to create a site-specific browser - I guess what some Android apps do to an extent, or Web Widgets. I then wondered whether it would be possible to do the same but WITHOUT installing a larger browser, and started work on it; but then stopped. I picked it back up this week in a massive fit of procrastination from all the other things I have to do. I wanted to make something that could be used without having to install anything from the AUR (with no slur intended on the AUR).

Dependencies (with repo):
zenity (extra) or yad (AUR)
curl (core)
gjs (extra)
webkit2gtk (extra)

And if you need to use Flash, then you'll need flashplugin.

Here it is on Gist.

Comments/improvement very much welcomed!


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