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#1 2003-01-26 12:07:43

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Kernel config file

I know this have been discused several times, but I think it would be very helpful to have the config file included in the kernel package (for instance under /boot/config).

I know it can be obtained with abs, but for me (at least?), it would avoid some hard time when installing arch...
In fact, after a fresh install of Arch, I need to rebuild the kernel before being able to connect on internet, and as a consequence, before running abs (stupid USB DSL modem...).
But, without connection, I can't retrieve the config file...

The kernel sources can be found on the install CD. So, I have all I need to build the kernel except that only small little config file...

Anyway, here is how I modified my kernel package:

diff -ur base/kernel/PKGBUID local/base/kernel/PKGBUILD
@@ -15,6 +15,7 @@
   mkdir -p $startdir/pkg/{lib/modules,boot,bin}
   make INSTALL_MOD_PATH=$startdir/pkg modules_install || return 1
   cp $startdir/pkg/boot
+  cp .config $startdir/pkg/boot/config
   cp arch/i386/boot/bzImage $startdir/pkg/boot/vmlinuz
   cp $startdir/src/nash $startdir/pkg/bin
   mkdir -p $startdir/pkg/usr/src/linux/include

It allows to always have related vmlinuz and config files put together.
Very cool when customizing kernel parameters wink


#2 2003-01-26 18:31:09

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Re: Kernel config file

Great suggestion.  I'll include it for the next kernel package release.


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