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Android phone - Linux Desktop integration

- use/prefer open-source Android software, if possible available on f-droid
- self-hosted: break free from Google (e.g. I use LineageOS without google play stuff and without Google account)
- make working with/switching between phone or desktop/laptop as transparent as possible

aim of topic: create (and keep up to date) list of open source software that integrates the phone (for now I assume Android given the flexibility) and the desktop (assume Arch Linux)

KDE connect - maybe not the best solution if you prefer to have a slim/minimalist Arch installation (eg when using i3wm without KDE libs)

- AN2Linux
Displays notifications from the phone on your Linux desktop
the server-part is available in AUR

File sharing/access (phone as client)
case: a "NAS" (eg an Arch Linux installation) at home, accessible from the internet
desktop/laptop can access NAS via NFS, Samba, SFTP
The holy grail: phone should be able to access NAS in the same transparent way you can access files on an SD Card, with high security
possible solutions:
- SFTP (suggestions for open source Android client? I could not find one)
- Tahoe-LAFS, a client exists, but seems abandoned
- more?

Sync calender/address book/tasks
server-side (arch):
- SOGo
- radiCALe
client-side (android):

Use phone as remote control

Find your phone
Locate your phone without giving away the location to a 3rd party

- Self-Hosted GPS tracker … pstracker/
unfortunately the github repo is gone, not sure if it is still maintained somewhere

- Traccar, server-side available on AUR

shared clipboard
- netclip … d.netclip/

sync passwords
use pass on your desktop
store passwords in git rep
use on phone, sync with git repo on server

automatically backup photos
instead of storing your photos (innocent and less innocent pics) on a 3rd party server (such as iCloud or some Google account), automatically backup photos on your own server
- Photo Backup
server-side available on AUR:
- Syncopoli

please post suggestions below, thanks in advance

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Re: Android phone - Linux Desktop integration

Centralized calender/address book/tasks/files:
- Nextcloud

Centralized News / Rss:
- ttrss

Decentralized / Advanced (file) sync / backup (+photos etc) / application data & config:
- Syncthing (which can be a huge PITA when used with sd cards/root, breaking on every second update... )

Use phone as remote control:
- Also kde connect (which was the only solution I could get to work even *cough* remotely well. )


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Re: Android phone - Linux Desktop integration

Should this not be a wiki page?

Termux on Android running a sshd server;  ssh and sftp on the Linux side for just about everything.

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Re: Android phone - Linux Desktop integration

I recently stumbled upon Lineage for microG, which is supposed to provide an open-source replacement for Google's backend services built right into Lineage OS. At the risk of directing the thread slightly away from its intended purpose: Has anyone here ever used microG and how good a replacement did you find it to be?

Apart from the above, as a replacement for the play store, particularly if you don't feel like having your app downloads tracked: Yalp Store

@ewaller: I guess the thread will do for an initial collection. Once enough items are gathered, we can push it to the wiki.

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Re: Android phone - Linux Desktop integration

File sharing/access (phone as client)
-SFTP Client:   (have not used it yet)

Sync calender/address book/tasks
-aCalDAV, Synchronise your calendar from a caldav calendar server
-DAVdroid, Sync contacts, calendars and tasks with CalDAV/CardDAV

Use phone as remote control

sync passwords
   sync with nextcloud

automatically backup photos
-Nextcloud again
possible to select "only on wifi" "only when charging" select folders to sync (camera, chats, downloads)

*view and edit documents
-Libreoffice, the F-Droid client is not up to date, direct download: … g/current/ 
  It offers nextcloud integration, no need to download files first to open them

-Archwiki Viewer, if something goes wrong on your only device:
-AURdroid, browser for the AUR:

I am a rather new linux- arch- gnome-user and it amazes me how seamless nextcloud is integrated in the file browser, mail client and calendar


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Re: Android phone - Linux Desktop integration

ewaller wrote:

Should this not be a wiki page?

Termux on Android running a sshd server;  ssh and sftp on the Linux side for just about everything.

Arch rootfs can be prooted using termux on an android phone as well smile


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Re: Android phone - Linux Desktop integration

Any recommendations on clipboard sync Android -> Linux?
must: open source, not cloud based.
(I know KDE connect can do this, but as a non-KDE user it has a lot of dependencies...)


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Re: Android phone - Linux Desktop integration

Bumping this threat to add some of the missing features:

Use phone as remote control:
- Xmouse
Remotely control X11 via SSH commands generated by your phone or tablet.

interactive remote screen:
- scrcpy
This application provides display and control of Android devices connected on USB (or over TCP/IP). It does not require any root access.

shared/synchronized clipboard
- clipper
Simple app to interact with Android system clipboard service via adb shell one liners.
Not strictly an automatic syncing tool, but should make the development of one a breeze


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