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Gentoo-like Arch system?

I've been using Gentoo Linux with OpenRC for past few months, but generally think of switching to Arch Linux because of package availability. But there are few things that I'm concerned about:
1. Is it possible to compile all packages? I don't mean building few packages, but generally entire system.
1a. Is it possible to use alternate libc if stuff mentioned in question 1 works?
2. Is it possible to use alternate init systems and don't have to install systemd? I really love OpenRC but generally anything other than systemd should be OK.
3. What are pacman dependencies? Is it possible to build small, busybox-like OS with minimal tools? What packages are needed in Arch Linux to allow it?
Thank you


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Re: Gentoo-like Arch system?

Even if it was possible, it's not really part of the concept. Basically it sounds like you're saying you want ArchLinux without using ArchLinux. Gentoo is not ArchLinux (and vice versa). If you want Gentoo, use Gentoo, nothing wrong with that.

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Re: Gentoo-like Arch system?

I'll stick to Gentoo then. Thanks.


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Re: Gentoo-like Arch system?

Possible - Maybe.

Worth the amount of effort - No.

If you want a source-based distro then use one designed for that purpose.

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Re: Gentoo-like Arch system?

And there is nothing like the use flag mechanism whereby you can change the build parameters for multiple packages using a single parameter.  If you want to change something, you would have to do it on a package by package basis.  That is one of the true benefits of emerge

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Re: Gentoo-like Arch system?

I agree with all the above, but to break it down a bit more:

0. I don't understand the motive to use arch for greater package availability.  This would apply if you meant binary packages, but as you later say you want to build from source anyways, I don't understand why you'd think arch has greater package availability.

1. Yes you can compile all packages, but note the absence of anything like USE flags.
1a. It might be possible to use an alternative libc.  I use musl for many tools I build, but I'd not be surprised if many core packages needed a fair bit of patching to work with something other than glibc.

2. Other init systems are readily available for arch.  Quite a few archers use OpenRC.  (just note that this is not officially supported)

3. deps: bash  glibc  libarchive  curl  gpgme  pacman-mirrorlist  archlinux-keyring.  As pacman requires bash, you would not be able to use it (as-is) on a busy-box based system.  I suspect it could be ported, but it'd be quite a bit of work to the point where you'd have to ask why you want to use pacman in the first place.  It is absolutely possible to build a busy-box non-glibc system, many distros do (see alpine) - but if you do, then it is in no way arch linux.

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