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#1 2017-11-20 14:47:26

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SALOME on archlinux?

Dear community,

I just wanted to ask you if anyone of you has experience with the installation of the latest releases of the CAE-toolbox SALOME on archlinux:

The AUR packages for SALOME were orphaned, so I tried to install it via the tarballs offered officially: … nt-version

One is able to install the universal binaries on archlinux following this guide:

Unfortunately in the latest release (8.3.0), all dropdown menus appear empty for me, probably because it relies on some Debian functionalities. When using version 7.8.0 and trying to "explode" a primitive, SALOME crashes with the error message "GUI library corresponding to the user action can not be found or loaded". See also:

Did some of you get it to work? I'd be glad if you'd share your experiences.



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Re: SALOME on archlinux?

Moving to AUR Issues...

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Re: SALOME on archlinux?


I have the same problem with the empty menues. No solution yet. Did you figure something out in the meantime?



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Re: SALOME on archlinux?

This is how I got to install Salome Linux Debian 8 64-bits in Archlinux. This
was necessary since there were several dependencies errors in the universal
binaries. Once downloading and unpacking, try to run `salome` with python2
(notice that by default Archlinux uses python3). Alternativelly you can edit
the shebang line to change python version as follows (pointing to whatever
your python2 path is): `#! /usr/bin/env python2` should generally do the job.

>>> python2 salome

Each failed time install the missing library. In my case I had to install the
following libraries (this might require some research since the missing dependencies
reported by the program generally are not installed with the same name):

>>> sudo pacman -S glut libpng12 lib32-icu

Since Arch is rolling release, installing lib32-icu today will give you the
`.60` shared libraries. I "guessed" there weren't interface problems from the
previous version to the current one and just symlinked to emulate the old
version. Everything is working just fine in my machine.

>>> sudo ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/
>>> sudo ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/
>>> sudo ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/

Install Qt5 (I already had the full development kit so nothing was necessary).
Check Delete or backup the directory
BINARIES-DB08/qt5 so that system-wide Qt5 version is used.

Only was not found by the GUI launcher and since I will not use
it, for now I will use as is.

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Re: SALOME on archlinux?

physyum, Welcome to Arch Linux.

Linking differing version libraries is a recipe for breakage.  I strongly recommend one not do it unless (a) one knows exactly what they are doing and (b) it is a short term, temporary condition used to test something,

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