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Kdenlive missing some basic Transitions and Filters w/o libebur128

Hi guys. I recently started using Kdenlive for some basic video editing and it's great. However, a few day ago I updated my system as usual and suddenly my video projects stopped working. I loaded them and some Transitions and Filters were just gone.

I traced this back to the update from mlt-6.4.1 to mlt-6.6.0, downgrading was one way of mitigating the problem.

I dug a little deeper and found that kdenlive that, after installing mlt-6.6.0 again, tries to load /usr/lib/mlt/ but cant, because is missing. libebur128 is listed as an optional dependency of mlt. After installing libebur128, everything went back to normal.

I am wondering if libebur128 should be made a hard dependency of mlt or kdenlive. The basics of mlt sure work without libebur128, so it makes sense to be an optional dependency. But Kdenlive is missing core features when libebur128 is missing, so we should have one way to make sure that libebur128 is installed along kdenlive. But making it a dependency of kdenlive would also be funny, because kdenlive does not even directly load libebur128...

What should we do about this?


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