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(CANCELLED) PCI Passthrough - Razer Blade 14

I recently bought a Razer Blade 14. My hope is to be able to play the 3-4 hold out games I need Windows for on my Arch Linux install (looking at you Blizzard!) without dual-booting. The specs are:

Memory 15,6Gib
Processor Intel Core i7-7700HQ CPU@2.80GHz x8
Graphics Intel HD Graphics 630 (Kaby Lake GT2)
OS name Arch Linux
OS type 64-bit
Disk 511.8 GB

NVIDIA Corporation GP106M [GeForce GTX 1060 Mobile 3GB]

I have been following the instructions here: … requisites

The BIOS shows VT-d as enabled (and I have been able to run VMs with virt-manager. I also get output from the instructed dmesg command:

$ sudo dmesg | grep -e DMAR -e IOMMU
[    0.000000] ACPI: DMAR 0x000000006A6F9C10 0000F0 (v01 INTEL  KBL      00000001 INTL 00000001)
[    0.001000] DMAR: Host address width 39
[    0.001000] DMAR: DRHD base: 0x000000fed90000 flags: 0x0
[    0.001000] DMAR: dmar0: reg_base_addr fed90000 ver 1:0 cap 1c0000c40660462 ecap 19e2ff0505e
[    0.001000] DMAR: DRHD base: 0x000000fed91000 flags: 0x1
[    0.001000] DMAR: dmar1: reg_base_addr fed91000 ver 1:0 cap d2008c40660462 ecap f050da
[    0.001000] DMAR: RMRR base: 0x0000006a607000 end: 0x0000006a626fff
[    0.001000] DMAR: RMRR base: 0x0000006b800000 end: 0x0000006fffffff
[    0.001000] DMAR: ANDD device: 1 name: \_SB.PCI0.I2C0
[    0.001000] DMAR: ANDD device: 9 name: \_SB.PCI0.UA00
[    0.001000] DMAR-IR: IOAPIC id 2 under DRHD base  0xfed91000 IOMMU 1
[    0.001000] DMAR-IR: HPET id 0 under DRHD base 0xfed91000
[    0.001000] DMAR-IR: Queued invalidation will be enabled to support x2apic and Intr-remapping.
[    0.002000] DMAR-IR: Enabled IRQ remapping in x2apic mode
[    0.542735] DMAR: ACPI device "device:76" under DMAR at fed91000 as 00:15.0
[    0.542738] DMAR: ACPI device "device:77" under DMAR at fed91000 as 00:1e.0

However, the first hurdle I come to, is an apparent lack of IOMMU groups being defined?

shopt -s nullglob
for d in /sys/kernel/iommu_groups/*/devices/*; do
    n=${d#*/iommu_groups/*}; n=${n%%/*}
    printf 'IOMMU Group %s ' "$n"
    lspci -nns "${d##*/}"
$ ./

The script returns nothing. This is the first hurdle on this path to no more dual-booting, and I didn't make it very far. I am stumped even after working with Google on this off and on the past week.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

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