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Re: The Official Unofficial 'Arch is Best' Thread

Was able to update a year old installation with a minimum of hitches about a month ago.  In the past this hasn't been the case, been too many changes to do it without a complete reinstall.

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Re: The Official Unofficial 'Arch is Best' Thread

Arch the BEST, there I said it tongue

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Re: The Official Unofficial 'Arch is Best' Thread

ugjka wrote:

Arch the BEST, there I said it tongue

Yep. I think we should chip in to advertise it as the BEST, but then I guess we'd have to hire lawyers, too. Bad idea, tex, bad idea.


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Re: The Official Unofficial 'Arch is Best' Thread

What makes Arch the best for me is the extensity of the official Arch repositories, plus the fact that there's one unified sponsored user repository instead of a grand multitude of various "PPA" user repositories where only the protocol is sponsored.


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Re: The Official Unofficial 'Arch is Best' Thread

Ran through several Ubuntu (kms) and Debian distros on my $400 laptop. Network, media, and other random problems across the board. Have been able to figure everything out via common sense with Arch and get it running 10X faster and better than any other distro. Yeah, installation takes a while, but idk why people make Arch out to be so hard to use. It is by far the most intuitive distro available for me. Arch for life! Also, the BlackArch repos are sick af. Got them slotted into my Arch without a hitch despite a simple mirror change.

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Re: The Official Unofficial 'Arch is Best' Thread

Usually hate having to register for forums. Registered here to say Arch is awesome. This was reinforced when saw the question when registering to keep bots out. Much better than any other question or recaptcha.

Use Debian on headless servers. Great but don't wish to use Firefox ESR for the next two years and Sid truly is unstable (can't even shutdown LXQT on Sid without issues). Ubuntu is money centric, bloated, bad community (just read mailing lists or forums) and dislike installing PPA's every time want something up to date. Was initially hesitant to try Arch because didn't want to learn pacman and thought would miss out on things that need .deb files for. Pacman is easy. Almost like it more than apt. Anything that can be found in a .deb file can be found in the AUR and easily installed.

Arch is amazing (unless you are running a server in which case security mandates that Debian is the best). But Arch is really really neat, simplistic, and clean. So glad decided to finally join the Arch family.

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Re: The Official Unofficial 'Arch is Best' Thread

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So installed arch again. I have been using debian testing which now is debian 9 for over a year I think. Wanted to test out gnome 3.26 and ended up installing arch. Everything is working really nicely! Laptop wakes from sleep without problems (nvidia), all my configs was really easy to move from debian, seems that this is a bit snappier (probably its all in the head) and now I'm wondering why I changed. Well it was stability, but think I have more robust environment now and think I'll put some packages to the don't update atomatically list, so off to read the wiki for that.

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Re: The Official Unofficial 'Arch is Best' Thread

aparaatti wrote:

...and think I'll put some packages to the don't update atomatically list, so off to read the wiki for that.

Welcome home smile

Remember that by putting packages in your ignore list you are performing a partial upgrade, this means that you can't get support in the forums. … nsupported

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Re: The Official Unofficial 'Arch is Best' Thread

Hiya Archers! I freaking love Arch Linux, and there are honestly so many things that I think are amazing about it, that I don't even know where to Pretty much every day since I first finally got into Arch, I've discovered some new cool thing abou it. While all Linux distributions, and all OSes, have some cool things about them, from my experience Arch combines more of such nifty things into one cohesive and cohenent whole than any other version of Linux, or another other OS.

In no particular order, what makes Arch Linux the best OS for me:

*the huge amount of packages that are available, and the multitudinous ways that they can be installed and customized
*the fan-freaking-tastic, and very active, community, in all of its various expressions
*the stable rolling release model that Arch uses
*the phenomenal, and ridiculously fast package management system
*how easily it was for me to convert how I did things on Ubuntu to Arch, and conversely, to apply what I've learned in Arch to Ubuntu (even though I rarely use it any longer)
*that Arch is completely community-driven, allowing everyone to contribute in some way
*the strong adherence to simplicity, code elegance, and user-centric flexibility
*that newbies are supported, but not coddled, encouraging them to be self-sufficient, which builds a stronger community
*Lots of other things that I'm sure I forgot to mention, but that I love equally as much!

I am truly excited to use Arch and to be a part of the whole Arch framework/universe/multiverse/gestalt, and I look forward to being able to assist, help, and contribute in as many ways as I'm able, as soon as I can, and as often as possible.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for Arch!


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Re: The Official Unofficial 'Arch is Best' Thread

Since I'm complaining about Arch/Linux-in-general in another thread, lemme just pop in here and say how much I still do love Arch.  I'm not exactly a super-knowledgeable developer type; Arch is my first distro, and I only just started taking Linux seriously and learning about it ... like, last year? after a lifetime growing up using MS-DOS and Windows (my father worked for Microsoft back in the 90s).

The core principles of the "Arch Way" line up pretty much exactly with what I'm looking for in my own computing experience.  I absolutely love that I can have a really clean system that only contains things I wanted to put there and nothing else.  Like, it's MY computer, I should be in total control of what goes on inside it, and Arch gives me the tools to make that happen. 

I'm also in love with the Linux style of updating in place, and modular parts that don't require total system wipes to fix any boot issues, for instance.  Arch's package manager and build system is awesome, and when I've used other distros for this or that application, I keep finding myself going "yeah but pacman/abs does this way better".

Anyway it's friggin great and if I could only use Arch for everything, I would do it in a second.  This is silly but I like to carry around a bootable USB stick with the most recent archiso on it.  It's comforting, like, if a computer at work is frustrating me I can think, "yeah but I could have Arch on you in like an hour tops so don't mess with me, buddy".  lol


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Re: The Official Unofficial 'Arch is Best' Thread


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Re: The Official Unofficial 'Arch is Best' Thread

(I know, we are all geeks and care moreabout cool code than other squishy stuff, but this being a new year and all:)

I'd like to express my gratitude for the community here. Not only are there are great many extremely competent technologists here, creating a distro that's a joy to use, but they are also very willing to lend a hand and explain things in small words to people with questions.

This is wonderful, and Thank You To All.




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Re: The Official Unofficial 'Arch is Best' Thread

Thanks jernst, merging with the Arch is the best thread.

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Re: The Official Unofficial 'Arch is Best' Thread

Hi guys

Just wanted to say how much I appreciate everyone who works on this distro. I first installed arch properly about 12 years ago on a very old machine with having very little working knowledge of linux. I had tried a few other distros and ran Zen Linux for 6 months, ubuntu for a couple of months, Kubuntu for a year, and opensuse for a few months, but never felt comfortable with any of them and if something broke, i just reinstalled.

After installing arch for the first time all those years ago, i posted loads of issues in this forum and generally got great help and advice to solve all the issues I came across, and got that old rig running great. It wasnt pretty, but it functioned brilliantly. When that machine finally kicked the bucket, I stupidly got a netbook, and dual booted windows XP and cheated and put ArchBang on it. I had run Arch for about 2 years at that point and didnt feel I had the time to go through all the setup of a full arch linux os from scratch. I know its not technically Arch, but it was very close and I soon got a proper laptop and again went with ArchBang for the same reason... laziness. Well, after really enjoying ArchBang for about 8 years, something wasnt running right, and instead of fix it, I thought why not reinstall, but go with proper Arch Linux...... and wow.... even though I have kinda been running Arch for 12 years, I have just fallen in love with it again!!

It has only taken me 2 days to get to a system well more advanced than I had bothered to sort out with ArchBang previously. I came up against a lot issues getting things working, but everything was in google and the forum already and I am just blown away by how everything sets up, works, looks, feels and is in this system. Knowing how long I kept a single install of Arch Bang running, this system is going to be running for years easily... and because I configured it all myself this time round, I know where everything is and how to fix it!

Thanks Arch Team.... keep up the good work!

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Re: The Official Unofficial 'Arch is Best' Thread

Thanks ninjaprawn, merging with the Arch is Best thread


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Re: The Official Unofficial 'Arch is Best' Thread

This is my fist topic to Arch. It's my first input at all.

Haven't u even imagined what u've created here. I really want to contribute to this forum. 24/7.

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Re: The Official Unofficial 'Arch is Best' Thread

Merging with the official Arch is the Best thread...

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Re: The Official Unofficial 'Arch is Best' Thread

After a 'practice' run of installing arch in a kvm I decided I would install it on my main (semi-beefy) laptop. Long story short, best distro i've ever tried!

Somewhat ironically, arch has been the most stable plasma 5 experience i've ever had! I was on KDE Neon for a (relatively) long time and just got tired of having to re-fix grub (known kde neon issue). Tried a lot of distros with KDE and none of them even compare to how seamlessly my desktop environment works now on arch! Kubuntu was prob the worst imo..

I don't understand why so many ppl try to make it seem like arch is SOOO difficult to install. I mean, yeah.. one does need to be familiar with the CLI but imo it's really not that bad at all. pacman is really interesting too.. I'm looking forward to learning more about what is possible with pacman.

I <3 Arch!

Also, I thought it was really cool how the forum registration page goes about filtering out bots. pure genius!

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Re: The Official Unofficial 'Arch is Best' Thread

bashM0nk3y wrote:

I don't understand why so many ppl try to make it seem like arch is SOOO difficult to install.

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