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[mpd] Play sound from a mpd server on a smartphone : possible ?


I have a working mpd server, which I can control by MALP or MPDroid.
The output is the speakers which are connected to the server, via alsa.

My question is the following : is it possible to add another output called for example "My smartphone" to play sound on it from the distant mpd server ?

And if yes, how to do this ?
I have difficulties to founding doc to do this...


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Re: [mpd] Play sound from a mpd server on a smartphone : possible ?

Yes it is possible.

I've done this on an old N900, MPD for a while now comes with a HTTP streamer, so I enabled it in the mpd config (it is configured with a sound block, it should be there as an example, modify as needed), then pick up the HTTP stream through a network - I had this working through SSH incidentally, this way I could use a curses client to manipulate MPD - with some appropriate player, in my case I used mpv.


Depending on who you want to give access to the stream, where you point the HTTP stream, I pointed it to localhost and forwarded the ports w/ SSH to pick it up with mpv.


You'll see this block in the MPD config;

audio_output {
       type            "httpd"
       name            "My HTTP Stream"
       encoder         "vorbis"                # optional, vorbis or lame
       port            "8000"
       bind_to_address ""               # optional, IPv4 or IPv6
       quality         "5.0"                   # do not define if bitrate is defined
       bitrate         "128"                   # do not define if quality is defined
       format          "44100:16:1"
       max_clients     "0"                     # optional 0=no limit

In my case I set localhost as the bind address, instead of as I was only ever picking it up through the SSH forwarded port (8000). Then it'd play on whatever I was SSHing into the server from with;

mpv http://127.1:8000

Toptip 127.1 resolves to, save you folks some typing.

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Re: [mpd] Play sound from a mpd server on a smartphone : possible ?

mpdroid should be able to pick up the http stream from mpv. If you use http basic auth with a reverse proxy, you should also be able to use simple password protection.  ssh is more complicated. I wonder how well https (e.g. with letsencrypt) would work in conjunction with basic auth.

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Re: [mpd] Play sound from a mpd server on a smartphone : possible ?

Mpdroid is dead though and has nasty network handling. but there is also M.A.L.P. which is properly maintained and also supports this feature.

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