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How to Switch Screen Layout in xfce?

I'm using an laptop, and normally use the external screen only. If I suspend with external screen, and wake up without it , It's an black screen(reasonable). However, Win+P shortcut in xfce only starts the setting application rather than switch screen layout. So i have to restart the system without knowing I've saved all the data or not. How can I switch the layout? maybe xrandr in tty?


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Re: How to Switch Screen Layout in xfce?

What video card/driver are you using? I've had enough experiences with the nvidia binaries to know that many black screen issues on suspend/resume are the fault of the driver.


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Re: How to Switch Screen Layout in xfce?

First rule out driver issues as suggest above: does this *only* happen when you suspend with the external monitor connected then disconnect it?  I.e., do you regularly suspend without the external monitor connected so you can confirm that waking works as intended then?

Cyspy wrote:

maybe xrandr in tty?

Why in a tty?  You'd have to export DISPLAY for that to work at all.  Xrandr must be run under X.  Just make a key binding for your xrandr command.

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