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GNOME ( restarts during pacman -Syu

Since this happened already for the second time, I am wondering if this is some GNOME / issue or what. It seems to always happen on "linux" package upgrade.

During a system upgrade "pacman -Su" running in gnome-terminal, I get kicked off from a GNOME session back to GDM. The upgrade process breaks obviously.
In console, I have to remove pacman lock file and can continue in upgrade. After reboot, I am stuck in initram shell due to "disk UUID blabla not found".
I can resolve the problem by booting live archlinux, chroot, reinstall "linux" (which rebuilds initrd) and reboot goes just fine then.

[2018-04-14 10:43] [ALPM] upgraded links (2.14-3 -> 2.15-1)
[2018-04-14 10:43] [ALPM] upgraded linux-firmware (20180119.2a713be-1 -> 20180314.4c0bf11-1)
[2018-04-14 10:43] [ALPM] upgraded mkinitcpio-busybox (1.28.1-1 -> 1.28.3-1)
[2018-04-14 10:43] [ALPM] upgraded linux (4.15.6-1 -> 4.15.15-1)

Here, I was kicked off from X. Next lines are in console:

[2018-04-14 10:43] [PACMAN] Running 'pacman -Su'
[2018-04-14 10:43] [PACMAN] starting full system upgrade
[2018-04-14 10:44] [ALPM] running '70-dkms-remove.hook'...
[2018-04-14 10:44] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET] ==> No kernel 4.15.6-1-ARCH modules. You must install them to use DKMS!
[2018-04-14 10:44] [ALPM] transaction started
[2018-04-14 10:44] [ALPM] upgraded linux-headers (4.15.6-1 -> 4.15.15-1)
[2018-04-14 10:44] [ALPM] upgraded llvm (5.0.1-2 -> 6.0.0-4)

which continues until all is upgraded.
I use only virtualbox-host-dkms with dkms package. (Although I had some leftovers from zfs and spl in /var/lib/dkms dir - however, the packages were already uninstalled few months ago and links to source broken.)

So, I am wondering why this happens and whether I should always upgrade in console rather than in gnome-terminal...

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Re: GNOME ( restarts during pacman -Syu

Please read the forum Code of Conduct, especially the 'Posting pictures and code' section.

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Re: GNOME ( restarts during pacman -Syu

During a system upgrade "pacman -Su"

A full system upgrade uses pacman -Syu, not pacman -Su .

So, I am wondering why this happens and whether I should always upgrade in console rather than in gnome-terminal...

Don't know why it happens, but many updates can screw X enviroment.
Ther's a reason pacman devs never created a GUI.

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Re: GNOME ( restarts during pacman -Syu

FWIW, while `pacman -Su` does make me wonder what you were doing with pacman before that command, in itself, `-Su` would do no harm and is actually the way to avoid a partial upgrade if you had previously done a variation of `-Sy`.

As for the present issue, there is absolutely no sane reason that any reasonable DE/WM would have any problem with a system upgrade: but gnome frequently does.  This is definitely a gnome issue.  I'd call it a bug, but gnome devs wouldn't, as they seem to be moving towards (if they aren't already fully there) only supporting offline updates (MS Windows style).

If this is only an occasional problem, and you'd rather not exit out of gnome every time you want to upgrade, I'd suggest running a tmux session.  If you start an update within tmux and gnome crashes, tmux (and the pacman process) will continue just fine in the background.  You can then reattach the tmux session from the tty to ensure the update completed.

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Re: GNOME ( restarts during pacman -Syu

Just to clarify: I do run `pacman -Sy` and then `pacman -Su`. It is just a habit from Debian, I know I can run both steps at once in Arch...

Last time it happened (like two months ago - my typical upgrade period), I did not investigate what was the reason as I considered that just an occasional issue (upgrading Arch is always a bit risky, I am used to occasional issues and usually can recover from them).

Now, the pattern is exactly the same as two months ago, so I suspect it is some issue in GNOME - I do not understand the internals and how these could be related to kernel/initrd/dkms update. Nothing in Xorg.log, xsession log. (Maybe I did not search good enough.) Obviously, I use AUR packages, too. So debugging might be difficult.

As you suggest, I either upgrade in console or use screen to be able to re-attach. (Never used tmux, it seems to be a better alternative to screen - I may try it.)

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