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External monitor (HDMI) no longer detected / working

Good day,

My output via HDMI is no longer working as of Monday 16 April (was working on Friday 13th, hmm go figure lol). It will be difficult to trace specifically when the issue began, as my laptop has not been powered down for several weeks, but I'd say I execute

pacaur -Syu

weekly at the very least, if not daily.

I have an HP Envy Laptop, which outputs to a Dell 27" UHD Monitor.

It is not a hardware fault, I can dual boot into Kali linux and the configuration works without any problems. Also tested cable/monitor with another laptop, and that also works without issue.

I've tried using the fallback Direct Rendering Infrastructure, to no avail.

/etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/20-intel.conf :
      Section "Device"
        Identifier  "Intel Graphics"
        Driver      "intel"
        Option      "DRI" "2"             # DRI3 is now default 
        #Option      "AccelMethod"  "sna" # default
        #Option      "AccelMethod"  "uxa" # fallback

I've also tried to completely remove the xf86-video-intel drivers / multiple restarts to no avail.

I'm having some difficulty tracking down exactly what could have elicited this change. Please can you assist:

extra/libxrandr 1.5.1-2
extra/xorg-xrandr 1.5.0-1

extra/libvdpau 1.1.1+3+ga21bf7a-1
extra/libxnvctrl 390.48-1
extra/nvidia 390.48-3
extra/nvidia-settings 390.48-1
extra/nvidia-utils 390.48-1
multilib/lib32-nvidia-utils 390.48-1

extra/intel-code 20180312-1
extra/mesa 18.0.0-4
extra/xf86-video-intel 1:2.99.917+823+gd9bf46e4-1
multilib/lib32-mesa 18.0.0-4

/etc/x11/xorg.conf (there is currently nothing in the xorg.conf.d folder)


/usr/share/gdm/greeter/autostart/optimus.desktop and /etc/xdg/autostart/optimus.desktop





xrandr -q

journalctl -b


nvidia-smi -a

Kind regards,
And thank you in advance.

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