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Multiple Encrypted Boot Options

I'm trying to do a setup with two-factor authentication in the form of a USB with the bootloader and luks headers for each of my machines.

Currently the /boot partition for each machine is in a separate partition of the drive. How do I get grub to load from the correct one (I know I'll need to add a menuentry for each device)

So how do I specify for grub to load the vmlinuz and initram images from the correct partition?
My current go at it by writing the menuentries in /boot/grub/custom.cfg doesn't seem to be working although I'm 4 hours into debugging and planning to go to bed now. I believe the menu entry just isn't showing up in grub but I'm unsure as to why right now.

In the mean time can you think of a better way to setup this two-factor authentication system?


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