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#1 2004-03-09 18:08:58


Blank screen on Gnome

I've installed Gnome 2.4 today.

With a simple .xinitrc with the only exec gnome-session command I obtain a black screen with 3 icons without text but only ... (three dots). There's also a small window bar up left of the desktop.
A left mouse button shows a menu but without text on the items, like icons only ... (three dots).

Naturally I cant' do anything than kill X and restart with a .xinirc for XFce

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#2 2004-03-10 01:25:49

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Re: Blank screen on Gnome

Did you log out and back in after installing gnome?

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#3 2004-03-10 08:59:52


Re: Blank screen on Gnome

Xentac wrote:

Did you log out and back in after installing gnome?

I've rebooted too..

Also, deleted from the home directory of the user all the Gnome files and directories, and restarted X.


I'm not a newbie but AL is asking me to know the configuration aspect of quite every piece of code running on Linux. It was true 9 years ago when I started with my first 7 floppies Debian, but now with tons of software YOU (AL package maintaner) can't put sintax errors into http.conf and a mysql where I can't start the daemon.

At first I was entusiast of this distribution, I think soon I'll piss on it... :°(

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#4 2004-03-10 09:27:36

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Re: Blank screen on Gnome

Are you sure you fetched all gnome packages? I guess you have no gnome-session, metacity or nautilus package, if I understand your posting right, or they are somehow corrupted.

Try 'pacman -Sg gnome' and have a look what packages are available, and compare it with yours. Maybe 'pacman -Sf gnome' could fix it all.

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