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ThinkPad Yoga 260

Hi All!

I recently switched computers to the ThinkPad Yoga 260. While the ArchWiki article on tablet PCs was mostly helpful, there are somethings that I'm curious if anyone else in the community has figured out that I haven't managed to get right. I'm using Gnome and GDM on Wayland and would also love to hear what other people use, I've always used either xfce or mate in the past, but my perception is that Gnome currently is the best in regards to touchscreens.

1.) Keybinding the windows icon touchscreen button. I'm using libinput and using libinput-debug-events I've found that the button returns:

-event3   KEYBOARD_KEY      +2.77s      KEY_RIGHTMETA (126) pressed
event3   KEYBOARD_KEY      +2.77s      KEY_RIGHTMETA (126) released

However I haven't found any documentation on creating a keybinding for this in wayland.

2.) When in tablet mode I haven't managed to get the touchpad to disengage. When trying to use it reports an error that only one accelerometer was found, while it relies on 2 accelerometers. I've seen this same model disengage the touchpad on ubuntu, so there must be a way to achieve this, but I haven't found the solution yet. The keyboard, Trackpoint, and mouse buttons all disengage on a hardware level when folded, so I assume they release some sort of an event that can be used to disengage the touchpad.

3.) Gnome handles touchscreens inconsistently. Some applications can have their windows moved by touch, while others can't (i.e. firefox, kitty console, etc.). Similarly the stylus acts differently from a finger press. While this is desirable in drawing applications, it won't function at all within firefox and it would be nice to find a way to default it to a regular touch event in the absence of special handling. If this issue should be moved to a different thread I can do that, but I figured it may be easier to keep it in the same post.

4.) Screen rotation works beautifully in gnome with iio-sensor-proxy, however GDM ocassionally ends up with an oddly rotated screen. If it was possible to make GDM only ever have a right side up screen that would work fine for me, but it's pretty annoying when I'm in laptop mode and have to switch to tablet to login.

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