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Acpi problem at boot, can't figure out which one


When I boot my laptop, after the grub menu, I don't see anything else then a black screen. I found a trick to access the login screen:
In the grub menu, press e to configure boot options, add the boot parameter acpi=off. Then, my laptop boot successfully, but i'm not able to use the laptop keyboard or touchpad, I have to plug a keyboard and a mouse.
The strange thing is, if I make an update, and there is a linux package update, when I reboot my laptop, I can boot normally, without adding the boot parameter, and I arrive at the login screen, able to use the laptop and touchpad BUT only once!
If I reboot again, I can't arrive to the log screen without the first scenario mentioned above.

My question would be: How could I see the logs or whatever, so I could investigate? I searched a lot and people tend to say they are no logs at all for the boots?
Seeing the verbose boot would also help me, but I can't figure out how to see them, I only have a black screen until the login screen. I remove the "quiet" boot argument but it didn't change anything.

Any help would be appreciated smile



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Re: Acpi problem at boot, can't figure out which one

acpi=off isn't a solution, the other part of the post makes me more inclined to think that this might be the issue with the random seed:

As for looking at the logs look through your journal: … ing_output


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Re: Acpi problem at boot, can't figure out which one

Any chance you can ssh into the box from another machine?

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