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[SOLVED] network problem, error: BLZBNTBGS8000000B

Hi. To launch Windows apps I use wine.

wine --version
wine-3.9 (Staging)

I want to login to When I launch it this menu appears:

If I use incorrect login or password it shows me that they can't find such account:

But if I try to login with my correct login and password it shows me an error:

According to their page ( > advanced troubleshooting:

I need to configure my firewall properly (I use UFW). Same happens with firewall off though.

Here is my custom rule for battle net with ports opened suggested above (for "Blizzard desktop app", "Blizzard Downloader" and "Hearthstone")

# ufw status
battlenet                  ALLOW       Anywhere   
battlenet (v6)             ALLOW       Anywhere (v6) 

If I go in offline mode I can download games normally though.

Also here are all wine console logs when I launch "":

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Re: [SOLVED] network problem, error: BLZBNTBGS8000000B

Okay, got it working
I read the logs and found these lines:

0043:err:winediag:gnutls_initialize failed to load libgnutls, no support for encryption
043:err:winediag:schan_imp_init Failed to load libgnutls, secure connections will not be available.

I have downloaded libgnults from multilib repository and now both errors are gone (logging in and no cookies error)

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