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rTorrent instruction no longer valid?

My rtorrent.rc configuration which I fumbled together from various sources seems to no longer work with a recent update.  So I went to the wiki page ( but the instructions on there use syntax that appears to be no longer supported.

The bit that I'm specifically looking at is 'Managing Completed Files' ( … eted_files).  I would correct it myself but I'm not confident in my knowledge and I'm thinking that if that section is wrong, there may be other changes necessary too, and I'd definitely be out of my element.

The first bit that's giving me troubles is the line

schedule = watch_directory_1,10,10,"load.start=/home/user/torrents/watch/*.torrent,d.set_custom1=/home/user/torrents/complete"

It seems that d.set_custom1 is no longer supported by my limited analysis so far.

Looking at the rTorrent documentation, the syntax seems to have changed dramatically for what I want.  I'm going to try to fix my issue from the instructions at … d-location, if I have any success I may rethink my reluctance to make any edits, but I thought I'd give everyone the heads up in case someone more knowledgeable wanted to take a look.


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Re: rTorrent instruction no longer valid?

There has already been a thread on this (the config changes). If you are not entirely confident in your edit, open an item about it on the Talk page and solicit feedback on the proposed change.

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