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Internal Keyboard and touchpad not working at boot via life USB flash

Hello Community,

I have researched this topic a lot and I am grateful for anyone to point me to an article that I may have missed. I am not able to get the internal keyboard working on Arch Linux boot via USB flash drive.
Unfortunately I have not figured out what would be needed for the internal keyboard and touch-pad to work.

I try to re-install Arch on my Lenovo X1 Yoga (1 Gen) as dual boot (Win10) after SSD replacement. Meanwhile additionally motherboard, keyboard, and screen have been replaced. After replacements Win10 is installed (in Win10 internal keyboard and touch-pad work perfectly), It is a software/driver related issue.

I can boot UEFI Arch from a USB flash drive. Arch Linux boots without issues only that after boot has finished the notebook keyboard does not work. I can not enter anything including commands via internal keyboard.

UPDATE1: I downgraded the bios and had the same issue, so it wasn’t the bios update that was the cause.

Connecting an external USB Keyboard and external USB mouse works. However still I don’t know which driver software to add and when to get the internal keyboard and maybe touch-pad working.

What can I do next to trouble shoot or fix this issue?

Many thanks, Kla

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