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Network manager update breaks Conky wifi display

Yesterday a system upgrade brought in networkmanager-1.12.0. Since then, Conky has lost the ability to display valid wifi connection data. Reverting to 1.10.10 brings the Conky display back to normal.

I've used this with Conky on my laptop for a long time:

${if_empty ${exec cat /proc/net/arp | grep enp0s25}}${if_empty ${exec cat /proc/net/arp | grep wlp3s0}}No Network connection
${else}WLAN IP: ${addr wlp3s0} $alignr ${wireless_mode wlp3s0} and ${wireless_bitrate wlp3s0}
SSID: ${wireless_essid wlp3s0}  $alignr Range: ${wireless_link_qual_perc wlp3s0} % / ${wireless_link_qual_max wlp3s0} %
${wireless_link_bar 4,240 wlp3s0}
Down: ${downspeed wlp3s0}/s ${alignr} Up: ${upspeed wlp3s0}/s
${downspeedgraph wlp3s0 20,115 000000 ff0000} $alignr ${upspeedgraph wlp3s0 20,115 000000 00ff00}
Total: ${totaldown wlp3s0} ${alignr}Total: ${totalup wlp3s0}${endif}
${else}LAN IP: $alignr ${addr enp0s25}
Down: ${downspeed enp0s25}/s ${alignr}Up: ${upspeed enp0s25}/s
${downspeedgraph enp0s25 20,115 000000 ff0000} $alignr ${upspeedgraph enp0s25 20,115 000000 00ff00}
Total: ${totaldown enp0s25} ${alignr}Total: ${totalup enp0s25}

With the new version of Networkmanager, the existence of the connection is known, but I'm not getting the IP displayed, nor am I getting data transfer rates or total data up/down figures.

Strangely, this is only affecting wifi connections. I had the laptop on a wired connection earlier today, under which the network data is displayed as normal.

Is anyone else seeing this? Any ideas of the cause, or, even better, a cure?



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