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#1 2004-03-11 09:00:42

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Custom Kernel

Well, I'm finally taking the step of compiling my own custom kernel.  But I'm hitting a big snag.

I'm trying to edit the config file for the kernel24 setup I'm using (following the directions in the documentation for arch) but every time I try to change a single setting...ANY SETTING AT ALL...

makepkg fails saying that the MD5 sum for config has failed!!

I assume this is a problem that happens sometimes so what do I do??  I've checked and I'm not missing any steps in the directions given to me.

Also, is there any way I can tell what kernel modules I need and I don't?  And what do the different settings ("y,n,m") mean?  I assume yes,no,and maybe.

Thanks guys!  I'd appreciate a quick response.



#2 2004-03-11 09:27:31

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Re: Custom Kernel

well that's pretty simple: that happens cos the PKGBUILD has an md5sum for the config from the abs, all you have to do is generate an md5sum for your config or remove the md5sum for config in the PKGBUILD.
to generate md5sum from the config file: makepkg -g >> PKGBUILD but dont quote on me, search the forum, i think there's an thread about that.

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Re: Custom Kernel

This is how I learned how to compile my first kernel... very very good refrence. The interactive kernel menu is great. … =18&page=1



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