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#1 2018-08-10 07:59:00

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Yay - Missing AUR Packages:

Hello smile

I'm new with yay, I installed it and I try to use it by typing :

:: Synchronisation des bases de données de paquets…
 core est à jour
 extra est à jour
 community est à jour
 archlinuxfr est à jour
:: Début de la mise à jour complète du système…
 il n’y a rien à faire
:: Searching databases for updates...
:: Searching AUR for updates...
 -> Missing AUR Packages:  i3-gaps-git  pcmciautils  ttf-fantasque-sans
 there is nothing to do

MY questions is : Why is this messages :  -> "Missing AUR Packages:  i3-gaps-git  pcmciautils  ttf-fantasque-sans" ?

These packages are installed on my desktop but they are no longer available on AUR ( yay -Ss i3-gaps-git  pcmciautils  ttf-fantasque-sans returned nothing).

How can I avoid this warning message please ?


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Re: Yay - Missing AUR Packages:

1. Post all output in English: … s_and_code

2. Uninstall those packages.

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Re: Yay - Missing AUR Packages:

As you have already identified, these are packages installed but neither in the AUR nor in the official repos. If you don't use them they are safe to remove, pcmciautils definitely is not used anymore by anything, for i3-gaps you will probably want to switch to a maintained version.

I don't think you can (however I don't use yay but simply took a look at the supported config options) - and don't think you should - try to hide these. They can help with identifying no longer required packages.


#4 2018-08-10 11:08:44

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Re: Yay - Missing AUR Packages:

Hello smile

Many thanks smile

I solved this by followin your advices and please excuse me for the french commands.


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