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[SOLVED] Arch installation on an MSI B360i mobo

Hi Arch,
First time poster. Long timer lurker.

So this would be my 5th arch installation. But let's assume nothing...
I recently purchased a bunch of pc parts and put together a moderate modern pc.
Of course I wanted arch and nothing else.
The MSI board is a B360i pro and unfortunately is giving me problems.
I have two nvme drives and a standard HDD.
The structure I had planned out:
              -p1  ef02--------------------------fat32----/mnt/boot/efi
              -p2  8300 -------------------------ext4----/mnt/boot
              -p3  8300 --\______LVM vg0__ext4__ /mnt
nvme1n1          ------/

The issue is that after genfstab, mounting, double checking fstab, installing grub and checking grub.cfg,
no matter how many times I tried and how many subtle variations I took, upon reboot, this MSI bios would
refuse to recognize the nvme drives altogether. Yet I could navigate to the efi via the bios menu and add the efi path to
the bios no problem. It still wouldn't boot it.
So I read on an MSI forum that this mobo needs a windows boot for the bios to recognize the nvme's. Okay...
So I tried to install Ubuntu...which uses microsoft signed keys...and it installed no problem.

I don't want Ubuntu. I want Arch. Does anyone have any experience with MSI boards?
Do I need to try something else other than grub? I've never chain-booted...but is that an option?
Thank you.

btw I'm currently running arch (secure boot with luks on lvm) on an acer aspire -r no problem.

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Re: [SOLVED] Arch installation on an MSI B360i mobo

Well, looks like I answered my own question...
If anyone does get this board or has a similar problem with MSI,
I was able to install arch successfully by mounting my efi partition to /boot
then copying grubx64.efi to /boot/EFI/BOOT/BOOTX64.EFI
I was NOT able to get LVM to work in this situation. I might try later when I have more time.


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