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Can't unload snd_intel_sst_acpi

I've got this problem:

if I hibernate my laptop, after resume sound is not working;

if I make an initramfs image without sound modules (blacklisting them in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist)
    then hibernate, resume
    then loading them
    sound works

this way I infer that the problem is that sound modules don't stand the hibernation process. So I would like to unload sound modules before hibernating and load them after resuming.

Dependencies hierarchy for module unloading works for all sound modules except one, that apparently is not required by any other but is required to have sound:


The problem is that, even without loading any other sound module, this particular one loads and then refuse to unload because of untold dependency.

Does anyone know how to unload it or does know what depends on it? I tried checking 'modprobe --show-depends' on all active modules and no-one list it as its dependency.


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