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Re: Post your handy self made command line utilities

Trilby wrote:

Eschwartz, to be fair, they didn't sed pacman.conf themselves.  They read pacman.conf line by line in a clumsy and pointless loop and sed''ed part of each line for no reason only to check whether it matched 'IgnorePkg' and then only to oddly and conditionally append a space then a value to a simple variable when an array would be much easier needing no conditional or spaces.

And this is you being "fair"... tongue

Honest, yes, I will grant you that. But generally the phrase "to be fair" is used by people extending mercy, not additional objections. big_smile

If pacman-conf were not an option, that entire loop could just be:

IGNORE=$(sed -n 's/^IgnorePkg[^=]*=//p' /etc/pacman.conf)
# or better as an array
IGNORE=($(sed -n 's/^IgnorePkg[^=]*=//p' /etc/pacman.conf))

If it comes to that, matching on 'IgnorePkg222 = nope' and finding that the "nope" package should be ignored, is rather erroneous...

Don't match:


Do match:


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Re: Post your handy self made command line utilities

Good revision to my sed command.  To be fair, I'm an idiot. tongue

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Re: Post your handy self made command line utilities

And to be fair, learned something new again today. Of course there was an easier way wink


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Re: Post your handy self made command line utilities

I've found this nice site that is missing an rss but gives you updates about new free games, so i wrote a little script that checks it and send me a notification when there is a new free game; didn't tested it deeply... yet!
It uses the handy "sendemail" tool from aur.

mkdir "$wdir" &>/dev/null
interval=7200 #secs

function notify() {
	 /usr/bin/sendEmail \
		-f \
		-t \
		-s \
		-xu gmail_username \
		-xp gmail_password \
		-u "GameCheck" \
		-m "New updates on:" 

function check_out() {
	curl "" |\
		tr "<" "\n"|\
		grep free |\
		grep "title\=" |\
		cut -d \" -f 2

check_out > "$f1"

while true ; do
	sleep $interval
	check_out > "$f2"
	if [ $(<"$f1") != $(<"$f2") ] ; then
		notify "$f2"
	cp "$f2" "$f1"

...and a systemd service as well

Description=Check for free games



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