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Dell XPS 13 9365 minimum brightness on startup and after suspend


At first it only happened after suspend so I suspected it could be the issue described in the wiki page of the laptop and reported extensively throughout forums.   

But the laptop does in fact wake up since I can hear the characteristic gnome sound when using fn+arrows (volume control), caps lock light does switch on and off, and I really can enter my password in gdm and use the computer as usual without seeing the screen (managed to run things like reboot from the terminal and play music).

I say minimum brightness because when I used lightdm I could sort of see the login greeter (so backlight must be off) but in gdm I couldn't see a thing so maybe it was off there.

Waiting for what seems like a random amount of time (1-10-20mins) seems to bring the screen back on. Folding the laptop into tablet mode, back into clamshell, and repeat several times sometimes brings the screen back.

What I've tried:
- Fresh Install
- Live CD also has the same issue (tried Antergos)
- lightdm instead of gdm
- The answer marked as solution here , the problem described sounds a lot like mine.
- The actual solution on the wiki page even if it doesn't seem like the same issue

Usually I manage to the solutions to my problems before needing to post, but this one is becoming quite frustrating as it stops me from using the laptop right away and I use it in class.

Thanks in advance for any help and have a great day

Also, I noticed some ACPI errors, here's some dmesg output

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