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Systemd-boot (Bootctl) menu not showing automatically at Boot

I'm currently running a dual boot with Linux and Windows 10 and am using Bootctl to manage the situation.
After the Installation everything went fine and there were no problems. The boot-menu appeared automatically and I was able to choose the operating system I wanted to boot to. But at some point it didn't show up automatically any more. Now I get a blackscreen instead which lasts as long as I set it to in my loader.conf (File follows later) before Arch gets booted automatically (since it's set as default). I am still able to get into the menu holding space while booting or hitting the arrow keys when in "blackscreen-mode", but I would really appreciate if the menu showed up automatically.

I've got the suspicion that it has something to do with my Bios/UEFI settings, since I get an error when trying to UEFI-boot an Arch live USB saying "Secureboot disabled". After some second it boots the live system, skipping the selection-menu. This only happens when booting from the USB as UEFI, Bios is no problem. Also shouldn't Secureboot be disabled? Enabling it didn't change anything...

But at what point did it "disappear"?
I must admit that I'm not quite sure at what point the menu stopped showing up automatically, but I think it was after setting the Asus Rog Logo to fullscreen in the Bios Settings (it is displayed first at Boot).
And yes, I did try to switch it back to the mode before, but that didn't help.
I also reinstalled Bootctl (first "$ Bootctl remove" and then "$ Bootctl install"), but that didn't get me any further.

What are my UEFI/Bios settings?
I enabled SVM (virtulization) and disabled fast boot aswell as secure boot.

My loader.conf:

default arch
timeout 3
editor 0

My arch.conf:

title      Arch Linux
linux      /vmlinuz-linux
initrd     /initramfs-linux.img
options    root=LABEL=ROOT rw 

Thanks already for your help!

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