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DWM .xinitrc configuration, CPU and Volume %

Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to get a decent and correct % Usage of the CPU and Volume for the dwm window manager status bar, but every solution I find on the internet or on this forum were wrong or inaccurate.

A month ago I successfully made a decent dwm window manager statusbar but then I forgot to save that .xinitrc and now I can't find that anymore, I foundd it online in that period, and for some reason, I tried searching on the internet for something like 5 hours but nothing, can't find it anymore. Not even something similar to that.

This is what I'm currently using
CPU $( ps -A -o pcpu | tail -n+2 | paste -sd+ | bc  )% $(sensors | grep 'temp1:' | cut -c16-17 | head -1)

VOL="`amixer get Master |awk '/Front\ Left:/ {print $4}'`"

Both inaccurate, but the closest I can get


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Re: DWM .xinitrc configuration, CPU and Volume %

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