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#1 2018-10-29 16:53:24

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Steam freezes entire PC when Proton is enabled

I've been having this inconsistent issue with Steam, where if I have Proton enabled, sometimes (but not always) it freezes my entire computer.  It never gets past the point where it's trying to sign in.  Also it'll sometimes corrupt some of Steam's data, where I have to run "steam --reset" to fix it.  Specifically, this seems to happen if I check the box to enable Steam Play for all games.

My setup is pretty basic.  I'm running LXQt with the radeonsi+amdgpu+radv drivers.  It doesn't matter how long my computer has been running, and the problem seems to go away entirely if that checkbox is off.

My Arch Setups:
* Lenovo B40-80
* 3.95GHz Ryzen 1500X, Biostar X370GTN (ITX), 16GB DDR4, R9 290, OCZ 120GB SSD + PNY 1TB SSD


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