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grub / os-prober bug - KP on dual-linux-boot systems - workaround

This is admittedly an unusual situation, but if you have a system with linux on two or more partitions, AND you have processor microcode installed (for example package intel-ucode), then os-prober will not properly generate grub.cfg for 'other' partitions, and you get kernel panic when trying to boot the 'other' partition.

Looking at grub.cfg will reveal

     initrd /boot/intel-ucode.img 

where it should say

     initrd /boot/intel-ucode.img     /boot//initramfs-linux.img

Of course the fallback image boots fine.

One workaround is to edit grub.cfg manually.

A very dirty workaround is to pull the os-prober and grub packages from M---- and install locally since those are already fixed. If you do that you'll need to edit the pacman conf file ignore updates for those packages. The patch for os-prober (specifically, 30_os-prober script) seems to be but I haven't looked to see what changed in grub. (If I have time this weekend I'll look into it more).

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