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#1 2018-11-03 19:39:53

Thorsten Reinbold
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How to pass through sound from ext. Media Player?

Hi there!

A small but nasty problem: Sometimes I just want to connect my external Mp3-Player to my actives speakers, but it is always nasty to deal with the cables under the desk. So I thought I just connect the player to the mic-in on the front panel and press play. But...silence. As it turns out, the mic-in is working as expected. I can record the sound with audacity. But I don't hear the player, when it is connected and running. Is there a way to get this working? Is there a kind of "pass through" that has to be activated?

Many thanks!


#2 2018-11-03 19:50:48

Inspector Parrot
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Re: How to pass through sound from ext. Media Player?

A quick google search immediately led to several results including this one: … rs-766675/

But it depends on whether you use alsa, or pulse, or ...

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