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Overlapping scancodes from keyboard, how can I differentiate function?

Hello all, I have a Gigabyte Aero 14 with the G-Macro keys on the side.  I have had Arch for a while on this computer and love it for my coding environment, but I have had some free time lately and want to finally get these G-keys to work not only in Windows with the G-Macro Hub, but also in Arch with most custom controls.

Apparently, these macros are set in the BIOS of the computer, which means that settings that I have tried out for say inserting a piece of predefined text upon pushing G1 in "red" mode (modes are changes by pushing the main "G" key) will insert that text no matter the OS.  However there are still two limitations.  I would like to be able to define custom functionality from these keycodes specific to my Arch installation to interact with KWin or something like that, and when I actually push the "G" key, my screen brightness gets turned down. 

I have used

 showkey --keycodes 

command to try and diagnose why my screen brightness gets turned down, and long behold, the output from pressing Fn + F3  (which is supposed to turn down screen brightness) or the "G" key yields a scancode output of

 #Fn + F3:    0xe0 0x4c 0xe0 0xcc 
 #G-key:       0xe0 0x4c
                      0xe0 0xcc 

How can I differentiate Fn + F3 to turn down screen brightness and the "G" key to switch maco modes?
Additionally, is there a way I can interface with these macro modes within Arch or do I need to manually set their functionality/scancodes in the MacoHub within Windows?

Thank you all for the help....


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